5 Steps To Become A Millionaire


Ever thought about you being a Millionaire? Ever thought about what it would take to become a Millionaire? Anyone ever shared with you how you can become a Millionaire? Interesting questions right?

I’m not sure about you, but no one ever sat me down and said, “Steve, this is what you need to do if you want to be a Millionaire” I’ve had to struggle through my life just like everyone else. The only difference is I’ve made many sacrifices in my life to learn from the correct people, I’ve read lots of books to expand my knowledge and value to the world and now I would like to take a few minutes to share with you 5 Steps to get you started so you can become a Millionaire.

1) See Yourself already As A Millionaire.

Long before you can ever become a Millionaire, you need to start visualizing yourself as a Millionaire. Who will benefit from you being a Millionaire besides you? How will you help people? What will you do with the money?

These are important questions. You can’t just want to be a Millionaire and poof you are one. Sit down and create a vision that you can see in your own mind of you as a Millionaire. Think about is so much that you can see what you are wearing, what you drive for a car, who you are surrounded with and what house you are in.

The more details you can clearly see in your vision the more your mind will be able to help you start making it your reality.

2) Change Your Friends

This one may be really tough for a lot of you who are reading this. I don’t want you to suddenly tell your existing friends they’re not worthy of your time. But you do have to understand that you will stay at a success level of your closest friends.

If your closest friends make minimum wage, pick apart your dream and have none of their own, how likely do you think that you will become a Millionaire? If you start hanging around with people who want success, who strive for their goals in life and make a ton of money, you’ll be forced to change. This will really help change your mindset and help you to start thinking like a Millionaire.

3) Stop Concerning Yourself With What People Think About You

Many people never take action because they are afraid that their closest friends and family will find out what they are doing. They are afraid they may even make fun of them. When they find out millionaire university you actually have dreams and are working towards them, some of your friends may slam your dreams and be jealous.

Stop concerning yourself with what they think. You and only you know what you want, what you desire in life, that you want to be a Millionaire. Just because they are not willing to put in the time and effort to become a Millionaire, doesn’t mean that you can’t go for it.

You have to look out for yourself. Besides, when you become a Millionaire, think about how you’ll be able to help inspire others to do the same as you did. How would that feel?

4) Believe In Yourself

OK, so you now have a vision for yourself of you being a Millionaire. You’ve reached out to some new friends who are more successful than you and never give up on their goals. You have stopped concerning yourself with what others think. Now, you need to start believing in yourself.

One good way to start believing in yourself is to use affirmations. Think about the steps you need to go through to become a Millionaire. Write down the first few that will be easiest to accomplish on a piece of paper. Then re-write them every night before you go to bed and again when you first wake up. This is when your brain will best use the information. Write them as a question and form the question as you have already accomplished them.

This will start training your sub-conscious that you already have accomplished these affirmations and your mind will help you start making them your reality.

The sooner you believe you can really become a Millionaire, the sooner it will really happen. The only person who can make you a Millionaire is you. Start believing in yourself today!!!

5) Take Massive Action

Once you have your vision of you becoming a Millionaire, it’s time to take Massive Action. It’s not time to tip toe around and think about how to become a Millionaire. It’s time to get started and really go for it.

Remember though, this will not happen overnight. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So please pace yourself. Do you think Tiger Woods became the world’s best golfer by hitting 1,000,000 balls in a month. No! He hits thousands of balls every single week. He took massive action every single day to get to where he wanted to be. You can do the same.

Imagine working less than an hour per day and growing an online business that will enable you to become a millionaire. Imagine attracting 10-20 brand new leads every day. Imagine sponsoring 5-10 new team members per month, without ever bothering your family and friends or making an cold calls to an unmotivated generic business opportunity leads. Imagine finally utilizing a proven attraction marketing system literally guaranteed to produce result after result once you have it set up.

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